Vision Statement
Vision Statement
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The Vision of the St Lucia School Counselling Department is that every student will have equitable opportunity to acquire academic, personal/social, college and career development skills to become successful productive citizens and life-long learners.
Our Philosophy
Our Philosophy
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School Counselors believe:
1. All students should have access to the Comprehensive School Counselling Programme in order to realize their full potential towards lifelong learning.
2. All students should be given equal opportunity for academic advancement.
3. All students should be active participants in recognizing their interests, abilities and values related to Career choices.
Mission Statement
Mission Statement
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The Mission of the St Lucia School Counselling Department is to provide a Comprehensive developmental school counselling programme to address the academic, personal/ social, and career development needs of all students. The programme seeks to foster collaboration and cooperation among school, home, community and other professional agencies in an effort to empower students to realize their unique potential and to become lifelong learners.

School Councellors Contact Information

School Co ordinators Officer Telephone Number Email Address
DISTRICT ONE Bianca Lawrence-Raymond 7160290
DISTRICT TWO Celeste Stava-Mayers 7160291
DISTRICT THREE Lea St Helen-Phulgence 7160304
Vieux-Fort ICDC Yasmine Ambrose 758-8518
DISTRICT FIVE Gerard Calderon 7160884
DISTRICT SIX Pius Stephen 758-451-4724
DISTRICT SEVEN Francine Marius 7160377
DISTRICT EIGHT Agatha Prospere-Emmanuel 7161185

Additional Support Services

National Hotline 311; Suicide Hotline 203; Women’s Support Center 202; Emergency 911/999; Human Services and Family Affairs 468-5372