Human Resource Management

About us:

The Human Resource Management Department holds significant importance within the Ministry of Education. We are responsible for addressing and handling matters concerning the ministry’s human capital.

We guarantee a consistently complete staff by processing recommendations for eligible officers promptly. This ensures that the Public Service and Teaching Service Commission receive the necessary information to appoint the most qualified candidates in a timely manner, aligning competencies with strategic objectives.

Department Head:

Head of Unit

Ms Cassilda Pamphile


  • Facilitation of teacher training and upgrades
  • Oversight of human resource matters for Districts 1 to 8
  • Handling leave and staffing issues for officers appointed by the Public Service Commission
  • Management of teaching and non-teaching staff appointed by the Teaching Service Commission
  • Preparation of recommendations for the Teaching Service Commission.
  • Guidance on teacher retirements and leave of absence
  • Management of staffing and HR concerns for ancillary staff
  • Handling of staff and teachers at early childhood centers in the Department of Education Innovation
  • Preparation and distribution of job letters, contract letters, and other relevant documents for teachers and staff within the Department of Education

Point of Contact:

Responsible for Ancillary Staff and can be contacted at 468-5234

Responsible for Teachers in school district’s 1-4 and can be contacted at 468-5230

Responsible for Teachers in school district’s 5-8 and can be contacted at 468-5290

Responsible for Admin staff and can be contacted at 468-5221

Responsible for Early Childhood and can be contacted at 468-5281

Application for Job Letter:

A job letter can be obtained in two ways:

  1. By filling out a job letter request form in person.
  2. By emailing us at with your request containing the relevant information. 
Please note that job letters take 3-5 business days to process and  an ID or letter of authorization must be presented upon collection.

Lunch Time Operation

Our Services Are available during lunch time.