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The Government of Saint Lucia, in partnership with the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), commenced implementation of the Education Quality Improvement Project (EQuIP) October 03, 2018. This initiative is geared towards the comprehensive enhancement of Saint Lucia’s education sector, and entails five (5) core components:

Component 1

Improvement of the teaching and learning environment of four project schools through construction and/or rehabilitation works of the following project schools:

  • La Guerre Combined School
  • Vide Bouteille Primary School
  • Gordon and Walcott Memorial Methodist School
  • Sir Arthur Lewis Community College

This component is also entails the procurement of furniture and equipment for project schools, likewise the procurement of assistive/technological devices to enhance the instructional process in Special Education Needs (SEN) schools.

Component 2

Enhancement of the provisions for Special Improvement in teacher quality and Instructional Effectiveness. Under this component significant attention is paid to teacher professional development through a range of in-service training initiatives, as well as degree-level scholarships.

Component 3

Enhancement of System Leadership and Operational Effectiveness of School Administrators. This component focuses on the professional development of principals, education officers and administrative officers within the Department of Education. Emphasis is also placed on the development of a National Qualifications Framework (NQF) to offer alternative pathways to certification for students and adult learners; the development of a gender responsive policy and strategy for the prevention and reduction of alcohol and drug abuse among primary school children; review and enhancement of the Education Act 2008, and the development of an institutional framework for the overall strengthening of the management of Saint Lucia’s education sector.

Component 4

Enhancement of the provisions for Special Needs Education in Saint Lucia. The activities under this component seek to encourage/foster the full participation of SEN students by improving physical access to schools; implementation of support structures for parents of SEN children; provision of in-service and degree-level training for SEN teachers, likewise the provision of assistive devices to enhance instructional delivery to SEN learners.

Component 5

Technical assistance for the completion of a Climate Vulnerability Assessment (CVA) of project schools and the development of prototype guidelines for use in climate vulnerability assessment and construction of schools nationally. The activities under this component of the project should foster the future design and construction of schools that are more climate resilient.

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