Review and revision of Saint Lucia’s Education Act 2005.

The Ministry of Education, through the Education Quality Improvement Project (EQuIP), has undertaken the review and revision of Saint Lucia’s Education Act 2005. The revision currently underway is, therefore, crucial. This is in a bid to ensure that the legislative and regulatory requirements of the education sector are adequately satisfied; that the Act adequately addresses  current and future challenges or developments within the education system, and provides overarching guidance as it pertains to the management and operationalisation of Saint Lucia’s education sector.

Following an extensive consultative process, a draft revision to the Education Act 2005 (Bill) has been formulated for public comment. Please find below the following:

  1. the draft Education Bill. 
  2. the draft Regulations to the Bill.
  3. Frequent questions asked and the answers.

Join the town hall discussions! The Zoom link is provided in the flyer below.

EQUIP Education Act Review

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