Export Saint Lucia Brings a Taste of Saint Lucia® to Saint Lucia Jazz

Entertainment lovers attending the Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival mainstage events at the Pigeon Island National Landmark will enjoy a Taste of Saint Lucia®. This undertaking is a collaborative effort between Export Saint Lucia, the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority and the Events Company of Saint Lucia. Acting on its mandate of promoting Saint Lucian goods and services in local and international markets, Export Saint Lucia opened the Taste of Saint Lucia® store at Duty-Free Pointe Seraphine in December 2022. A pop-up version of the store will be operated at the Pigeon Island on May 10th, and May 12th – 14th.

The Jazz Shop – A Taste of Saint Lucia® will stock products currently available at the Taste of Saint Lucia® store as well as merchandise from the Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival. It will be open to all festival patrons. Much like the Duty-Free Pointe Seraphine outlet, items will range from food and beverage, wellness and beauty products, fashion, accessories, and even literature.

“The Government of Saint Lucia is preparing for a spectacular Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival, the first in many years. While our sister agencies are making the final preparations for the mainstage appearances, Export Saint Lucia is doing its part to ensure Saint Lucia Jazz 2023 is the best there has been in a long time. By establishing a Taste of Saint Lucia® store on-site, we’re offering the local and international audience a chance to support local and enjoy the high-quality products manufactured right here in our country,” shares Export Saint Lucia’s Chief Executive Officer, Sunita Daniel.

The Jazz Shop – A Taste of Saint Lucia® at the Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival will increase visibility for the available brands, particularly among a foreign audience. Producers like Abby’s Exotic Blends, Meme Bete, Ti Kay Bouton, Rainforest Foods, and Baron Foods Ltd are among a host of producers whose goods will be available.

“We want international patrons at the Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival to truly enjoy our beautiful island. By bringing a Taste of Saint Lucia® to this renowned Festival, visitors will enjoy a two-in-one experience: amazing music and creativity, and the best in local manufacturing,” expressed Lorine Charles-St Jules, CEO of the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority.

Festival goers can expect to patronize The Jazz Shop – A Taste of Saint Lucia® on May 10th – Kingdom Night, May 12th – Caribbean Fusion, May 13th – World Beats, and May 14th – The Ultimate Celebration.

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