Administrators Are Now The Focus Of Training In Disaster Management Software

The National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO) continues to train its staff in the use of a new digital disaster management platform. Earlier this year, NEMO facilitated training sessions for the Disaster Information Management System (DIMS).

DIMS is a digital platform or software that will be used by disaster management stakeholders. Training sessions to use the software is now geared at administrators of the platform. Quality Control Consultant, Dr. Lyndel St.Ville highlights the importance of the DIMS training.

“This time it’s the administrative training so that the persons being trained can assist NEMO with the maintenance of the DIMS. The previous sessions were for the people just using the system but today the people being trained will be able to help administer the system. So to create user accounts, add user accounts, modify user accounts, configure the system to help use it to be tweaked as needed,” Dr. St.Ville clarifies.

Design of the platform was a collaborative effort of Emagine Solutions and Business Tech Research Inc. Managing Director of Emagine Solutions, Ian Mitchell echoes the aim of the training.

“The training today focuses on the technical administration of the application so its not just your regular system users, volunteers, various persons at NEMO who will be operating the system on a daily basis. This has to do more with the administration and maintenance of the system at a technical level. So persons managing users, user groups, user permissions, metadata, other core data applications, dealing with any bugs or any issues that may be faced by the system and how to record and report those things to escalate them to higher levels for developers to look at.” Mitchell says.

The platform streamlines NEMO’s ability to deploy resources before, during and after a natural disaster. This efficiency will save countless lives in the future.

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