Government Commissions New Board of Governors of the SALCC

A new board of governors to run the affairs of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (SALCC) has been commissioned by the Government of Saint Lucia. The tertiary learning institution is currently transitioning to university status and has recently announced the addition of a number of new Bachelor programmes to its offerings.
Selected on the basis of expertise and skill, the new Board is chaired by former Director of the Department of Sustainable Development of the Organization of American States (OAS) Cletus Springer. Other members of the new SALCC Board of Governors include Former Chief Education Officer Fortuna Anthony, as Deputy Chair; First Vice-President of the National Youth Council Ajani Lebourne; former Independent Senator and Permanent Secretary in Ministry of Infrastructure, Ports and Transport Dr. Allison Gajadhar; former Communications & Works Minister Felix Finisterre and retired Dean of The Division of Teacher Education and Education Administration of the SALCC Anthony Felicien.
Speaking on the commissioning of the new board Minister with responsibility for Education Hon. Shawn Edward said, “The Sir Arthur Lewis Community College is the institution that takes our students from the secondary level and give them training that would cause them to take their rightful places in the different government offices and private sector entities that exists in this country.
With this new board, working with the senior leadership of the college, we are expecting very exciting things to come out of the college in the remainder of this academic year and the ensuing academic year.”

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